Pure from the start

Q+ supplies clean-rooms and tech centers with professional level cleaning products. Now we're bringing that to the end user for cleaning home devices and equipement.

A clean room being cleaned with a Q+ wipe

Designed for Delicate Work

We're used to working in industries where cleanliness is imperative, but the cleaning surface is a delicate material or construction. All our products are designed and tested to ensure an expert cleaning result, without damaging the work surface.

A close up of a Q+ swab removing dust from a blue circuit board

Clean Room Certified

Q+ manufactures consumables for cleanrooms in their own cleanroom enviroments. Our lines bring professional standard tools to the consumer cleaning market.

A clean room wall being swabed with a Q+ microfiber mop

Q+ Cleaning Products

Clean room supplies from Q+

Q+ offers a range of clean room solutions specific to industries where cleanliness is imperative. It includes cleaning agents, wipes, PPE and more. Our clean room consumables have been specially developed to ensure high quality and consistency, traceability and an expert cleaning result.

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Decontaminating the walls with a Q+ clean room mop

Decontaminating the walls with a Q+ clean room mop